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Introducing: Nootopia!

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It's finally here! Nootopia is live and ready for explorers! Go take a look!

This is not an end, this is only the beginning! Let's take a look at some of the great new features that are present in this foundational improvement to the Pesky Penguins online experience:

Interactive Map

Nootopia is now centered around an interactive map. If you've used Google Maps before, you'll feel right at home. Drag, zoom, click on markers; explore!

Hundreds of hours went into the basemap layer; LeoNooto DaVinci hand-crafted every asset you see. Every building, every footprint, every shadow, every icicle... and let's not miss the forest for the trees! There are districts and buildings whose purposes will be revealed in the future as the story of Nootopia develops 👀

We've got so much planned, and it's all right under you nose! The map is a key improvement with tremendous interactive storytelling potential, and we can't wait to show you what's coming.

Every Feature in One Place

Pop open the menu! Every interactive Pesky Penguins feature we've released is right at your fingertips. No more digging around in Discord!

Mobile Friendly

The future is mobile, and Nootopia is future-proof! Have some fun and collect your $PESKY on the go. Nootopia is here for you, wherever you are 🌏

Nootpia Mobile Nootpia Mobile 2

So long, login screen!

Pesky Penguins is for everybody, so come and have a look around! No more keeping Nootopia behind closed doors.

There may be walls around the city, but the website is open to all ❤️

Dark Mode

No longer will you need to suffer the blinding snows of Nootopia. Smash the Dark Mode button and save your eyeballs! 😎

All-new Staking Dashboard

Staking Dashboard

Designed with my favorite Pesky Whales in mind (looking at you, Ryu!), the all-new Staking Dashboard is more performant, saves you a ton of clicking, and has a great new "Refresh Staking" button to save you from the Solana Blockchain when it's misbehaving.

Now you can claim every penguin with a single button, even if they're staked at 3 different places. Plus, you can collapse and expand the "Staked" and "Unstaked" sections to put all your penguins to work with haste!

Staking Dashboard 2

There's a ton of future potential here, too. I'm super excited to see how people use the app. Will you visit your favorite staking location on the map, or will you hit the dashboard? Classic staking or new hotness? Like the Wishing Well, we're all about giving you choices 😁


We're super proud of Nootopia, and we can't wait for you to experience it!

With the foundation finally laid, there are tons of fun improvements, Easter eggs, and utilities we'll be able to add to the app with increased velocity. Keep your eyes on this blog for more frequent updates!

Happy Birthday, Pesky Penguins, and love to all my fellow Noots. It's been an amazing 12 months, and I've enjoyed so much building this beloved OG collection with you ❤️

With Love,