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gm, Noots! ☀️

It's going to be a hot Solana summer, and the Pesky Penguins dev team is building like crazy! Our current priorities, in order of planned release, are:

  1. PeskyVote: On-chain voting
  3. Nootopia Upgrade
  4. Launch of Pesky Places

PeskyVote: On-chain Voting

Pesky Penguins' greatest strength has always been its community. The members of the DAO who help run the Discord and find you great alpha and WL spots work on a volunteer basis. We have an amazing team of people who work extremely hard, and they do so for free.

The Pesky Penguins dev team wants to change this, and it's extremely important to us (in the spirit of transparency and WAGMI, our guiding principles) that any changes made to the royalty structure are done with the express consent of the excellent community that makes Pesky Penguins an enduring and beloved collection.

With that in mind, we are developing an on-chain voting application that leverages the same SPL Program used by MonkeDAO to propose changes and track votes cast by community members.

We anticipate being able to use PeskyVote not only for tracking changes to the project and its governance, but also as the foundation for votes around storytelling and balancing the economy of Nootopia in the future.

Once PeskyVote is deployed, we can vote on NootDAO Leadership's proposal to change aftermarket royalties from 5% -> 6%. The additional 1% would go directly to NootDAO's multisig wallet to fund the DAO's community endeavors. The dev team and Snowball royalties would remain the same at 3% and 2% of every sale, respectively.

Funds in the DAO wallet would belong to you, members of the DAO. The Pesky Leadership Team has expressed a desire to compensate the moderators and alpha hunters who help keep our community safe, productive, and prosperous.

I think this is an excellent use of funds, but whether we are able to achieve this vision will be a choice left up to you, Pesky Penguins holders and DAO members.

Look forward to some on-chain voting in early June!


The dev team has been spending most of our time working on the SECRET EVENT, which is why you haven't heard much from us recently.

I wish I could talk more about this, but it is a SECRET event, after all.

It's important to us that we vote about royalty structure changes BEFORE the event rolls out, because if we see the same response we saw during our Nootvember event, there could end up being a lot of sales. We would love to see the DAO and the community benefit directly from any hype generated by our Secret Event — that's why PeskyVote is our top priority right now.

You can expect the special event to begin sometime around the end of June or in early July; NFT NYC complicates the timing of things. The teasing and the subsequent reveal will begin very soon; keep your eyes on the Lore channel inside of our Discord!

Nootopia Upgrade: We're Worldbuilding!

Once our SECRET EVENT has kicked off in earnest, we can refocus our efforts to full-time Nootopia construction!

We've signed "LeoNooto DaVinci" (socials forthcoming!) to the team to help us with worldbuilding and creating a custom Nootopia basemap. A long time DM and fan of D&D, his expertise and attention to detail will help add depth to the world of Nootopia, and his experience building custom maps for campaigns forms the foundation of the interactive world we have planned. The image headlining this post is some of his handywork: an early sketch of Nootopia City!

As the summer begins to wind down, Nootopia will evolve from an extremely spartan website into a map-based portal for our fictional world. Every place you can interact with will have a pin on the map, including staking sites, parliament (for voting!), a library (for lore!), and more.

We're already answering a lot of questions about Nootopia and the world that Pesky Penguins inhabit, like:

  • What is the current level of technology?
  • Which resources are available to Penguins in the Antarctic?
  • What are buildings made out of?
  • What are the main "industries" in the world?
  • How is does the city organize itself around these industries?


All of these questions are helping shape the City of Nootopia, and the answers to questions like these are laying the foundation for the future of the world, including property ownership with Pesky Places!

Pesky Places

Every Pesky Place will have a distinct location within the world.

When we launch Pesky Places, you can expect to own a piece of the world. To have your OWN marker on the map.

The first places will launch right outside of Nootopia in the Antarctic biome, but as we introduce new chapters, the "fog of war" that surrounds the Antarctic will gradually lift as Penguins make their way far and wide into the world, and new biomes (with new resources!) will be discovered.

In this way, we intend to continue to add content and complexity to the world, which will always be story- and lore-driven.

Stay Tuned

There's a lot going on, and the dev team is building, planning, and executing to ensure a BRIGHT FUTURE for Pesky Penguins!

Bear markets are our favorite season for building, and we are looking forward emerging from it well-poised to delight everybody coming out of hibernation.

To those of you hanging around with us: THANK YOU! We love nooting with you every day, and we are taking all of your feedback to heart. At our last town hall, for example, people expressed a desire to see refined branding around the collection. In response, we've got a meeting with a design firm (tomorrow, actually!) to see if they're a good fit to help us rework our image with updates logos, homepage, etc.

This is just one example of how the team continues to realize their own vision for the project while also incorporating feedback from the community we love and respect.

Thank you to everybody who continues to believe in Pesky Penguins. We hope you will feel rewarded for your patience, and we hope you know that the dev team is here to stay.

We are Pesky.

We are Solana.

We are Noot.