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NootDAO May 2022 Update

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My Nooters ❤️, I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are. This announcement has been long overdue. As some of you know, I had a couple of super busy weeks with moving to the new apartment and the week long vacation in Morocco thereafter, which is the reason you might have seen me around less than usual.

There are some things to cover which will make this update a bit longer. There is some overlap with things you might have already heard. If you have time, you’re welcome to read it all. If not, the structure should help skip forward to the information you’re interested in.

If you read something that you find interesting, bring it up and discuss it in our Discord chat or post it on Twitter. Help us spread the word that we are still here, still nooting and that we are not going anywhere. Noots for life ❤️.

Leadership Communication

As you might know, we had our first official Pesky Penguins leadership summit on March 12th. The goal with these meetings is to have a better flow of information and to foster collaboration between the founding team (NFK and NFP) and NootDAO.

You might know of examples in the NFT space where the DAO is created and run by the founding team. There are other projects where the DAO has a clash with the founding team. NootDAO is by the community for the community and we have full support from the devs, NFP and NFK. NootDAO and the core team are making sure that we’re all aligned under a common mission and vision. Our mission is to bring forward the Solana ecosystem while being a friendly, helpful, fun and laid back community where you enjoy spending your time – no matter if you’re just here for the memes, the Noot Noots, the top notch alpha or for the community in general. We want everyone to feel welcome and be able to contribute to our mission. Pesky Penguins is nothing without you, the community. 

How will the leadership team achieve its goals?

Regular meetings and regular communication where the DAO leadership and NFP and NFK come together to discuss topics

  • That we collaboratively must work on
  • That we're working on individually
  • That need to be escalated or prioritized
  • Where we need input or help from others

We want to hold task owners accountable for their tasks and work as a unified team that stays updated about what the others are working on.

Community-facing Communication

We had our first Pesky Penguins Townhall on April 2nd and the second one on May 2nd Communication is a huge success factor in the collaboration between the devs and the DAO. More broadly speaking, it is also essential in any type of human interaction which makes good communication essential for long term community building. One thing is extremely important for us: transparency. We don't want to sit in an ivory tower and make top down decisions or leave you in the dark with what we’re working on. This is an ongoing process and you will hear about some news from NFP about decision making very soon. And maybe he’ll leak you some more info that alleviated the ONLY concern I EVER had about Pesky Penguins and its long-term success 🎉🚀

What do we need to do a better job with?

NootDAO and the devs understand that we need to do a better job with keeping you updated with things we’re working on. This includes talking about where we want to go, what things we want to work on. Vision and mission is utterly useless if it’s not communicated consistently and regularly as well as observably shown and lived in the form of culture by the leaders of this community, no matter what roles they have. Even if you are not in the leadership team, you are a leader of this community if you live and share our values.

Please bear with us while we learn what your needs in terms of communication and the format and regularity thereof are. We’ll do our best to improve. This involves actively addressing concerns of the community, but also communicating more proactively in general.

Discord Cleanup

We already announced that we stripped away some of the old chats to not have communication spread out over too many individual channels anymore.


We wanted to make sure that our community is as safe as possible from potential attack vectors like scams. This is what we did:

  • Removed special roles like Council and Moderator from everyone who has not been active at all. We contacted everyone with a DAO role personally and asked about their interest to contribute to the project in the future before removing the roles
  • Checked the permissions of every role so that no one has powers they should not have
  • Collected proof of two-factor authentication (2FA) from everyone who has a certain level of permissions. We can’t allow anyone who gets compromised to endanger our community. We want to keep you, our community, as safe as possible. Having 2FA activated and providing proof thereof is now a requirement for anyone who is onboarded with a certain level of Discord permissions


We also implemented some things that are directly visible to you.

  • Ticketing system: This helps us to better be able to serve any issues our Nooters encounter, but also to have a better grip on topics regarding partnerships and collaborations in general
  • Yungmoney tools: We had some calls with the Yungmoney team and had them demo their alpha tools. After some internal discussions they came back to us and decided to provide the service to NootDAO for free because many members of their team love Pesky Penguins. These tools help us better structure our alpha chat and thus also makes our communication cleaner and more efficient. Please give them a shoutout if you can, even if it’s just hopping into their Discord to drop a Noot Noot or tagging them on Twitter (@yungmoneynft) and saying thanks for helping us out.

New moderators

The job of a moderator as of now is fairly simple:

  • Hang out in gen chat and the Discord in general
  • Spreading positive vibes
  • Answering questions and funnelling community sentiment and concerns back to the leadership team
  • Keeping the chats free from spam, self-promotion and so on
  • Dealing with disruptions and disruptors kindly and gently while protecting the community

So far, I promoted two people as Moderators, because they already did all of this without having any type of role that required them to do so. Thank you so much Drathez and Navise for always being helpful community members and providing your time to also regularly helping out in general chat. I’ve been talking to some additional people about the Moderator role and promise to get back to you very soon. The past weeks have been extraordinarily busy.

Sales Bot

Our friends from SolanaBots contacted me recently about the fact that the Pesky Penguins Sales bot got banned for no obvious reason. Their new bot also tracks sales on OpenSea. Feel free to follow @SalesPesky if you miss seeing the sales bot there go brrrrr – I’m sure they’re happy about some followers on that account. I coincidentally ran into the founder at the Prague Hacker House where he showed me the app that they’re bringing out in beta very soon which includes a cross-chain portfolio tracker. It looked great! Feel free to check out more info about the app at and follow at @shapitooNFT

DAO Governance and Structure

While we’re working on multiple things, we really want to keep on defining the structure of NootDAO. This involves, but is not limited to topics such as:

  • NootDAO treasury multisig
  • On-chain governance and voting
  • Funding for NootDAO eyes emoji
  • Further definition of roles and tasks without drowning ourselves in processes and workflows

NootDAO and $PESKY

I feel like this part deserves an article by itself, so I will keep this short and concise. If you read the whitepaper, you know that NootDAO will soon be getting monthly emissions of $PESKY as a capped percentage of the total supply.

There are reasons why it sometimes is important to distinguish between the core team (NFP and NFK) and NootDAO. The reasons are of regulatory nature. There are also regulatory reasons why it’s important for $PESKY not to have any intrinsic value (e.g. Howey Test) at the moment it was created. To keep things short: NootDAO can operate outside of the digital world of Nootopia and think about ways to add value to the $PESKY token.

The core team is here to work on ways to use $PESKY in Nootopia, whereas NootDAO can think about ways to add value outside of it. Things like raffles, integrations with other projects, creating a liquidity pool on an automated market maker (AMM) and more come to mind. The thing that we’ve been discussing as a priority is a liquidity pool. This overlaps with the topic of DAO funding which I mentioned above. Important for you right now to know is that we feel like it would be good to wait with a liquidity pool until $PESKY actually can be used – which will be in the next Nootopia update with Pesky Places.

I will try to outline my thoughts on crypto ecosystems and how tokens can function as a means of value capture and transfer in a separate post, but I want to make one thing clear: We do not want to do this on our own. If you have suggestions where and how we could integrate $PESKY, please – let’s talk about it. If you want to go ahead and reach out to another project, please do so and let’s discuss what we could do. Even though a select few can carry a whole community, we need the inputs and creative energy and drive of all of you to succeed. This is a web3 thing, not a web2 thing where some people in their ivory towers decide upon everything. We need you. All of you. You are all part of Pesky Penguins and you all need to be heard. If you want to make yourself seen, you’re very welcome to do so. If you want to step up and help us, you are more than welcome to do so.

Final Thoughts

Ok this was a lot. If you made it this far, thank you so much. This would all mean nothing without you. We want nothing more than for you to stay with us on this journey. Please pop into general chat from time to time to welcome new people, even if you’re only here for the alpha. We truly believe in the WAGMI mentality. Even though everyone actually making it is a meme, we sure are going to do our best to try to make it together! For that we need your help and support – we need your help not just in alpha hunting and sharing, but also in community building. People might come for the alpha but stay for the community and vice versa.

  • Do stuff to harness the power of this community and lay the groundwork for
  • I’m not just hyping when I say I have never been more bullish on Pesky Penguins than I am now. We might not be pumping to Valhalla as some other projects, but it’s important to see that things move in cycles. If we keep to our core vision, keep building this community, keep building Nootopia, keep bringing

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me on Discord or Twitter. You can also DM me if you want to keep it low key 😊.

DeusNero, NootDAO Leadership Council