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PeskyVote: Live and Open-Sourced!

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PeskyVote is live! After only a day and a half, we're already seeing participation in excess of 10%, which is excellent (for reference, the most contentious MonkeDAO votes typically pull in 40% participation). I'm excited to see where we end up by the time the vote ends!

Perhaps even more exciting to me is the overwhelming support being shown to NootDAO. Over 90%(!) of all Penguins currently reporting in are voting to increase royalties to empower the DAO to achieve its full potential. This is, in my opinion, fantastic news for the community and the collection as a whole, and demonstrates just how strong and caring the Pesky Penguins community is.

If you haven't voted, please make your voice heard! We are currently on track to increase royalties, so if you do NOT want royalties to increase from 5% to 6%, you must vote with your Penguin!

To those of you have voted: thank you ❤️. You are the reason this community is one of the most beloved on Solana, and you should take pride in being a Pesky Penguin!


PeskyVote: Now Open Source

The dev team is pleased to announce that we have open-sourced PeskyVote!

As part of our mission to drive adoption of the Solana ecosystem and to foster good "WAGMI" vibes, our PeskyVote source code is has been published on GitHub!

This journey that we are on together is not a competition.

It is our firm belief that by sharing our accomplishments and operating transparently, we can build trust in our community and legitimize Solana in the eyes of skeptics.

Do you run a Solana project that could benefit from on-chain voting and governance? Help yourself to the code, friend 🙂

We're all going to make it 🤝