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$PESKY Tokenomics, Part 2

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The Pesky Penguins team has been busy since our last Tokenomics post! The nitty-gritty details of $PESKY will be covered in our forthcoming whitepaper, but we've still got plenty to touch on now. Let's jump in!

Token Registration

The official $PESKY token has been registered with the Solana Labs token-list project. PESKY is the official token symbol, and registration in the token-list project means the token will show up with an icon when you look at token lists in tools such as Solscan:

Token List Preview

There are two new blockchain IDs you may care about now. They are, in order, the $PESKY token account, and the $PESKY mint authority:

If you see people promising to send you $PESKY and the token doesn't start with nooot, it's probably a scam. Likewise, if somebody makes another token that starts with nooot but isn't issued by the pMint address above, it is also likely a scam.

Stay safe out there, Noots!

Nootopia Worldbuilding

The primary utility of $PESKY will come with the release of our gamified staking platform: Nootopia.

With Nootopia, we're aiming to provide a fun, immersive experience that drives you deeper into Pesky Penguins lore. There will be quests to complete, eggs to find, vaults to upgrade, land to develop, and even nefarious actors to defend against! You'll be staking your penguins, yes, but the experience will incorporate many of the features that make point-and-click RPGs fun, and will have myriad uses for $PESKY!

The screenshot below is NOT representative of the world we're building; it's an in-progress screenshot of the WORLD EDITOR we're building.

World Editor Pre-Alpha Screenshot

The world editor is not for you; it's for us to build Nootopia. Nothing you see here is representative of what Nootopia will look like, or what any of the places will be named, etc. etc. โ€” this is just a sneak peak of a work in progress.

We're sharing this to let you know that, whether the market is down or the market is up, we're building the tools to build Nootopia, and we're making sure the experience is compatible with mobile devices.

With Phantom Mobile on the way, there are going to be a lot of new friends in the ecosystem whose only means of interacting with the collection and the community is through a mobile device. We're making Nootopia for everybody, because WAGMI.

Nootopia Auth

As part of our behind-the-scenes hacking earlier this week, we got Auth working between the Nootopia client and server! A lot of Pesky fans are software devs, so here's a small blurb for you to nerd out on:

To log into Nootopia, you connect your Phantom wallet, which will prompt you to sign a transaction. Signing the transaction will establish a connection with the Nootopia server, which will then issue you a JWT token that will not only preserve your session but also ensure that only you have the authority to interact with your penguins and property in Nootopia.

Simple, secure, and no sign-up required!


As we mentioned earlier, our whitepaper containing the full details on Nootopia is forthcoming. Even then, it will be a living document, subject to change as the ecosystem, market, and community evolves.

You can expect Nootopia to be updated regularly, even after the gates have opened. We'll be working tirelessly to drop new content (and more ways to use $PESKY), and will always be listening to community feedback. We want to strike that balance between project vision, WAGMI principles, and what brings the most joy to all you Nooters.

OK, let's talk about what we're working on over here:

Gamified Staking

The goal with Nootopia is "gamified staking." We're not aiming to be a metaverse play (yet??), but we ARE building a world for you and your noots.

Nootopia (the city) will lie at the center of a sprawling land, much of which is for sale. You will be able to stake your penguin(s) at various locations throughout the world to earn $PESKY, including land owned by players. That's right: players will be able to spend $PESKY to buy land. Land will be issued to you asโ€”what else?โ€”an NFT!

Within the world, you will be able to spend $PESKY to upgrade your land in various ways as well. These upgrades may increase the rate at which you earn $PESKY on the land, or they may increase the maximum number of penguins able to work the land.

Oh, and did we mention that landowners can earn a share of the $PESKY generated from their property? And that mysterious beings hatched from arcane eggs acquired by unknown means will bring a PvP element into play as well? Or that there will be vault mechanics? And housing development? Naming rights? A whole lot of nooting?!

More to Come!

We're only scratching the surface here. We haven't talked about anything inside the city, or how the lore will play into things, or how the pro-Gargolon faction will be able to support their dread magus overlord. We haven't talked about neighborhoods, or land attributes, or hardly anything!

You see us in Twitter and Discord, but you do not see the thousands of lines of code happening behind the scenes. You see the contests and collaborations, but you don't see the hours of Tokenomics research and conversations with accountants and lawyers.

We are here. We are building. And we ๐Ÿ‘ are ๐Ÿ‘ NOOTING.