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Happy NOOT Year!

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Happy NOOT Year, nooters!

With 2022 upon us, we wanted to share a “Year in Review” to celebrate how far we’ve all come together. It’s actually only been about ~2.5 months since we launched, but we all know that’s about 2.5 years in crypto time.

So here it is. Thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with us, whether you’re an OG from day 1, a brand new nooter, a former holder who had to exit, or a hopeful nooter waiting for your entry!

Without further ado, here’s a smol recap of 2021. We:

  • Minted 8,888 penguins at .25 SOL after an 8-hour-long-mint
  • Spent 800 SOL to burn 317 penguins and remove them from circulating supply forever – ~3.5% of our total supply
  • Traded nearly 100k SOL in total volume, making us a top-10 Solana collection of all time
  • Maintained a minimum floor of ~15x our mint price
  • Delivered on our original roadmap in its entirety…
  • …and began work on the next phase of the project: NOOTOPIA (gamified staking!)
  • Nearly doubled our unique holders since minting…
  • …to become one of the largest communities on Solana with ~3800 holders (despite being deflationary!)
  • Were Finalists in the Metaplex Community Impact Awards
  • Gave away 90 PENGUINS as part of collabs, contests, community building efforts, and more!
  • Got listed on 5 marketplaces (including being one of the first major collections on Magic Eden!)
  • Have been featured collections on ME and DE
  • Built an in-house dynamic rarity tool for ranking noots that updates automatically after penguins are burned
  • Created graveyard features in discord and online to track and commemorate the burned noots – with inspiring epitaphs!
  • Battled for the fate of Nootopia; a free, opt-in event to de-mask penguins
  • Pushed out 4k / HD image updates with new metadata flavor text!
  • Was one of the first projects to be verified on Yawww’s escrow platform
  • Became the first project to receive a verified “bucket” within the Solvent Protocol 💧 – a Solana Hackathon winning project with an instant liquidity pool for NFTs
  • Staked with Honey Protocol 🐝 as one of the first projects they’ve onboarded to their upcoming NFT Lend/Liquidity Protocol
  • Created an ongoing body of lore to flesh out the Nootiverse and play into our upcoming gamified staking platform; Gargolon??!?!?! 👀
  • Started a devblog to keep nooters and prospective nooters alike up-to-date with the goings-on behind the scenes
  • Dropped a limited-run, high-quality embroidered physical + NFT merch collection with proceeds going back to The Snowball
  • Became one of the first projects onboarded to Matrica and their upcoming community and metaverse management suite
  • Integrated with several upcoming Metaverse projects including: Chillchat, Sovana, Vishv
  • Had Pesky Penguins attributes added to more projects than we can count
  • Had 4 theme songs written for us within a week of launch, and another 40 more with our Audius collab!


Speaking of collabs – we’ve had a METRIC TONNE of them. For the sake of brevity, I won’t be able to include them all. Here’s a select few, from giveaways to whitelist slots for highly sought-after projects:

  • Ongoing partnership with OG/3D Flowers – (MORE HUGE NEWS ON THIS IN JANUARY) WL + Custom 1/1s + More
  • Honey Protocol Staking
  • Audius Song Competition + Giveaways
  • CatchKing (Pesky Penguins and Gargolon will be featured in-game!)
  • Jambo Mambo Land WL + Giveaways
  • Quantum Traders WL
  • Botborgs WL
  • Cryptopets WL
  • SolGods Giveaways
  • $SCUM airdrop (worth around ~$700 at time of airdrop)
  • $MIMO airdrop
  • Skull Division Airdrop (>300 airdropped to the noot community)
  • Bitbrawl (>3500 airdropped)
  • Soltreez Metaverse Partner + Giveaways
  • Chubbicorns Giveaways (cross-chain fun!)
  • Grim Syndicate Lordrym's Workshop MYSTERY COLLAB? name a few!

Thank you!

Thank you all for being part of this family and coming together as an amazing community. There’s so much planned for us in Q1 2022 and beyond; we’re beyond excited to build together. Thank you also to deon.sol for the cover image used in this blog post!

Keep your eyes open for part two of our Tokenomics series in the next few days. In the meantime, Happy New Noot Year! 🥳