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Staking's Almost Here!

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It's almost time! Staking is almost here!

Pesky Penguins staking has been in development for a while, and with good reason: it's not going to be like any other staking experience on Solana.

Gamified Staking

Months ago, we promised "Gamified Staking." The groundwork has been laid, and we're putting our plan into action.

Soon, you'll be able to stake your Penguins at "Public Places." Each of the Places available for staking will have different characteristics, and you'll be able to choose your own staking experience. Will you take a "set it and forget it" approach, or will you take a more active one?

Choices like this are only the beginning.

Once you've earned enough $PESKY from staking to mint your own Places, your options expand dramatically. $PESKY will be used not only to mint Places, but also to upgrade them. The upgrades you purchase for your Places will tweak their staking characteristics, increasing your rate of return, your maximum earnings, and the number of Penguins you can stake there.

Purchasing and upgrading your own Places will come in the future, but the foundation to support them is already here and baked into our staking program.

Program Audit

Our staking contract and server code audit is complete! We enlisted the help of three industry veterans, only one of whom has agreed to be celebrated publicly.

Please help me thank Vlawmz for his assistance auditing our staking program and Nootopia server code! Vlawmz is the author of Amoebits, the custom minter for Sphinxes, and the developer for MonkeLabs. He's smart, kind, and talented; we were thrilled to have his assistance! Seriously, go thank him.

Whitepaper Delay

Our Whitepaper is now tracking for March instead of February. In choosing our battles, we decided to get staking out as soon as possible (at the expense of the whitepaper) so that Noots would have the opportunity to start accumulating $PESKY as soon as possible.

Next Steps

The Staking UI is almost complete, and we'll be performing full end-to-end testing on Devnet for the remainder of February. Unless testing uncovers surprises, we remain on track to deploy to Mainnet at the very end of the month.

Expect a video demoing the staking process in the next few days!

That's all for now. NOOT NOOT! ❤️