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The Library, Lore, and Dev Commentary

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The Pesky Penguins dev team has always valued honesty and transparency.

Today, are pleased to announce that we're doubling down on our values by releasing some new content that we think a lot of people will find interesting: the developer commentary behind the Pesky Penguins Lore.

The Library

A couple weeks ago, we released a new location within Nootopia: The Library.

The Library of Nootopia contains the complete Pesky Penguins lore to date, and is a fantastic way for newcomers and fans alike to discover the story behind the Pesky Penguins; all the trials and perils they have faced since the beginning of time, and how they are working to overcome these challenges to make a place for themselves in the world.

The story is entertaining on its own, but the rationale behind WHY we wrote what we did, and what we hoped to accomplish as a collection by pushing the story in a certain direction, is not common knowledge, especially to casual fans and "enjoyoors" who joined in the latter half of 2022.

Developer Commentary

Did you know that the Pesky Penguins collection did not originally contain Skeletons and Demons?

Did you know that the mask attribute was present on 22% of all Pesky Penguins initially?

Go back and look at the earliest Snowballs in The Graveyard. Masks comprised a significant majority of all floor Penguins that were destroyed. The community hated masks, and far more were being destroyed than their statistical rarity would suggest was "normal". Armed with these insights, the Battle of Nootvember will make a lot more sense!

This is just one example of the types of connections we hope to help you make with our developer commentary.

Running a Web3 Project

More than providing colorful insights behind the story, our hope is that, by providing developer commentary, we'll be able to provide a window into what it's like to run a web3 collection.

What decisions and trade-offs do we need to make? What challenges do we face?

We've done our best to avoid talking about challenges, because admitting they exist creates bearish sentiment around a collection.

Fortunately, Pesky Penguins has outgrown the phase where bearish sentiment could destroy the project. We've been building through the worst bear market and macroeconomic climate since the creation of cryptocurrency 14+ years ago, and instead of choosing to stop, we're choosing to double down and show you what it's like to keep pushing.

All of you here reading this today are also pushing through this horrible bear market. We're conquering this together, and I will be the first person to acknowledge that it is our community that makes Pesky Penguins such a wonderful collection.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us ❤️

To Be Continued

There's a lot going on right now, despite the relative quiet:

  • Our homepage refresh is moving into the implementation phase
  • We're working on migrating more features into Nootopia
  • We've got developer commentary, blog posts, and new lore to author
  • We've got another vote to put together around royalty enforcement and whether or not that's something the community wants
  • We're working on a fun new approach to monetization (and funding the Snowball)

...and that's just the Pesky Penguins. I've got another project I'm helping out, because I think there's a huge opportunity here to benefit the entire Solana creator ecosystem, and "a rising tide lifts all boats." Can't talk about this just yet, you can follow me on Twitter to catch the latest goings-on.

Today, we've releasing the developer commentary for Chapter 1 of the Lore; more dev commentary will follow! It's important to us that the story behind what it takes to build Pesky Penguins is not lost when the next bull cycle starts.

To everybody who helps spread the Noot Noot and the good vibes in both Twitter and Discord; thank you! You're amazing. I hope you're still Nooting with us when SOL is back in the triple digits!

With love,

December 4, 2022