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Oh my Garg, Pesky, look at her blog

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Tools like Twitter and Discord are uniquely suited to the fast-paced nature of web3. With daily innovation and constantly-shifting market sentiment, ephemeral communication is the logical choice for sharing your ideas and opinions before the past overtakes them.

But some ideas are too big to share in the world of character limits and noisy memes. And some things, like our values, are not ephemeral, but enduring.

For ideas like these, a different medium is required. So we do what we've been doing since we launched two months (3 crypto years) ago: we build.

This is the first post of the Pesky DevBlog, the place where we will share the big ideas and core values that should be persisted outside of Twitter and Discord.

Community First

Folks who have been around since the beginning know that the best thing about Pesky Penguins is our community. We have always made it our mission to prioritize the community above everything else, and we have the Discord and Twitter history to prove it. That's why we don't engage in things like paid promotions or market manipulation; these types of things only enrich people with connections, capital, or the freedom to be constantly present in our space; not our target audience.

Our target audience is you. You, taking the time to read this. You, taking the time to be present and engaged in the community. We want to be brand ambassadors for the Solana ecosystem, and we want to embody the principles of WAGMI: We're all going to make it. You being here every day is what makes the community wonderful, and that is worth celebrating. Without you, we're just pixels and code.

Floor price doesn't matter

Our goal has never been to propel the project to astronomical heights as quickly as possible. "Get rich quick" schemes attract people who are more interested in money than community, and this is no way to build lasting bonds that will serve as the foundation of our success.

Every time the project dips, Twitter is full of people saying "finally pulled the trigger on this blue chip!" or "I've been eyeing Pesky Penguins for a while, and I finally bought in!" These are the types of friends we want to make. The people who want to belong. The people who care. People like you. And do you know what happens when the price goes up? Same thing as when the price is down: NOOT NOOT.

To be clear: we have every intention of taking Pesky Penguins to the moon. But we're not going to get there through market manipulation, or by chasing the uility flavor of the week. We're going to get there by showing up and building every. single. day.

What's next?

We'll be using this space to document our thoughts and ideas around what's next for Pesky Penguins. If we pivot every time a fad demonstrates its success in the market, we'll always be chasing money and doing things second. We're not in it for the money, and the floor doesn't matter. We're here to build, we're here for you, and we have the track record to prove it.

Here are some of the great features we've delivered since launching:

  • The Snowball: A deflationary mechanism, fueled by royalties, that reduces the overall supply of Penguins.
  • The Graveyard: A fun way to track exactly which tokens have been removed from the circulation, with links to records in the blockchain.
  • Custom Rarities: A way for people to rank and score their Penguins in a way that takes into account things like "cleanliness" and "occult" Penguin types.
  • Discord Bots: Whether you're tracking the Snowball, watching the graveyard, or going to war, we've implemented custom bots to watch events unfold, transparently, in real time.
  • NOOTVEMBER: An innovative, opt-in, no-cost upgrade to the collection for Penguins with what was formally the least-desirable attribute.

And now, a devblog. Some of these were the first of their kind in the ecosystem, and others are enhancements we've made in service to our community. You should expect more innovations like these from Pesky Penguins, and you can trust that we are always doing our research and making decisions based on what we believe will have the greatest long-term benefit to the project and the Solana ecosystem as a whole.

Pesky Penguins is here to grow the space, evolve the ecosystem, and serve the community. And we're going to do that by showing up, building every day, and not chasing money. Meanwhile, the supply of Penguins will slowly tick down, our list of accomplishments will grow, and the market will vote with their wallets about which projects deliver the most value.


Thanks for coming on this journey with us, Noots. We love you! You're the reason we show up every day. 💖